Litecoin Upgrades Network, Price Reaches $101 Highs

• The Litecoin Foundation announced the network upgrade “Litecoin Core” to improve network security and fix critical issues affecting nodes on March 2nd.
• The LTC price began with positive price movements and reached a high of $101 on February 2nd but has since dropped to $89 at press time.
• Despite the upgrade, miners may be losing interest as indicated by a drop in trading volume and bearish signals from various indicators in LTC’s chart.

Litecoin Announces Network Upgrade

The Litecoin Foundation announced the update named Litecoin Core on March 2, which was aimed at improving its network security and fixing critical issues affecting nodes.

LTC Price Movement And Upgrade Encouraged Miners

LTC ended 2022 at $68 but recorded an intraday high of $70 and an intraday low of $67.79 the same day, before kicking off 2021 with positive price movements that pushed its price up to $74 by day’s end and then continuing an uptrend until it hit highs of $90 on January 14th and $101 on February 2nd. At press time, however, LTC trades at only $89 after dropping 7% within 24 hours, indicating slow activity around the coin with an associated 48% decrease in trading volume over the same period despite the network upgrade released earlier this month prompting new miners to enter into LTC mining as shown by a slight uptick in hashrate growth according to Coinwarz data..

Bearish Signals Suggesting Miners May Lose Interest

At present, however, several bearish signals suggest that miners may be losing interest in LTC mining regardless of the recent upgrades released for it given that its Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently headed below neutral levels while its Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) shows a downtick along with signs of high volatility such as when its price touched the lower part of Bollinger Bands whereas MACD indicates more bear runs may be ahead for LTC market going forward despite its current relative stability compared to where it was a few weeks ago when it hit intraday highs of up to $101 per token..

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In conclusion, while Litecoin recently released an update focused on improving their network security and fixing existing node-related issues, certain bearish signals such as decreased trading volume among others suggest miners may be losing interest despite these improvements while Crypto Deals are one way developers could increase investors’ interest if done properly going forward too therefore ensuring continued success for cryptocurrencies like Litecoin all around..