Hudson Jameson Joins Polygon: Advancing Ethereum Interoperability

• Hudson Jameson, a core developer liaison previously with the Ethereum Foundation, has joined Polygon.
• Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain and layer-2 platform that permits high transaction processing and low fees.
• At Polygon, Jameson will be working with the governance team to help achieve its vision of being Ethereum compatible and interoperable.

Hudson Jameson Joins Polygon

Hudson Jameson, a core developer liaison who previously worked with the Ethereum Foundation, has recently joined Polygon – an Ethereum sidechain and layer-2 platform that allows for faster transaction processing and lower fees. He had been advising the project prior to joining and held several meetings with the co-founder Mihailo Bjelic.

Jameson’s Last Stint

Before joining Polygon, Jameson was working with Flashbots – a research group focusing on reducing the effects of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) on account-based blockchains such as Ethereum. After taking a year-long break starting February 2022 in order to focus on his mental health, he is now ready to work full time for Polygon again.

Polygon’s Vision

Polygon aims to become compatible and interoperable with the Ethereum virtual machine so dApps launching on its rail can connect with those in Ethereum. According to Jameson, Polygon has grown tremendously since its launch and succeeded at many aspects of their goals while still staying true to their original vision.

Jameson’s Role at Polygon

At Polygon Jameson will be working primarily within the governance team but also open in other areas across the organization. He will be aiding them in achieving their vision of being aligned with Ethereum’s values and success.

MATIC Price Trends Upwards

As news spreads about Jameson joining the project MATIC’s price trends have been going up daily in anticipation for what this collaboration could mean for both projects involved.